April, 2015

As you know we have [in Birmingham] a monthly apologetics meeting and a monthly outreach.

In the February outreach I was approached by two young Muslim women, it's hard to know their age, they could have been anything from 16 - 25. They started off by asking if they could ask me a few questions. I replied that of course they could but at the back of my mind I wondered if they were finding an excuse to preach to me on Islam as can sometimes happen. They asked question after question and listened intently to the answer. They told me they knew a few Christians but none that they could really talk to. They didn't preach to me on Islam at all and were clearly genuinely interested in finding out about Christianity. I asked them if they read much and they both said they liked reading so I suggested the book 'I Dared to Call Him Father' The story of a Muslim woman's conversion to Christianity.

They immediately checked on the internet on their phone to see if they could buy it at Amazon. Seeing they could they told me they would buy it that evening. I gave them my contact details and they went away very grateful.

On March's outreach I was approached by a young woman in her 20's. We now have a stall along with our posters. The stall has leaflets, rosaries, miraculous medals. a prayer petition box (which is later taken to a convent to be prayed over), candles to light for prayer intentions and prayer cards. The young woman asked if she could have a rosary. She explained she was Anglican but liked the rosary, she said she had lost her old rosary and so hadn't prayed it for a while. We had a long chat which ended in me asking her if she'd ever been to a service in a Catholic church. She hadn't but said she would like to. I found out where she lived and arranged to take her to Mass the following Sunday. We decided to go to the Oratory Catholic Church and she actually said she'd like to go to the Latin Mass. We did this and she stayed for coffee afterwards so she got to meet other Catholics and chat to them.

She then mentioned she had seen lots of people praying outside an abortion clinic nearby and asked if I knew about it (this was the 40 Days for Life which I organise in Birmingham). I explained more about it and that that day was the 40th day so we would all be gathering in the evening outside the clinic to pray the Stations of the Cross. She asked if she could come along which she did and joined us for a celebratory drink afterwards. She told me she had really enjoyed her day and wants to come to the Good Friday service this week. I think this is all very different from the Anglican church she used to attend. She told me that church had 3 ministers who were all practicing homosexuals who preached in favour of abortion & contraception.

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce

Birmingham, England


Teresa texted me on the Saturday morning preceding our Sunday evangelising session in Birmingham. She wanted to ask me if I was attending another Catholic event since she was trying to encourage her son to attend it. Instead, I told her about the event with [Witnesses for Christ] on Sunday and invited her and her son along to that. I told Teresa it was strange she should have contacted me since I had dreamt about her the previous night.

She was surprised and told me that she had asked God to give her a dream to tell her how to guide her son to make the right decision.

She had in fact had a dream herself too but dismissed it at the time since she couldn't see any meaning in it. She has since told me about the dream she had -

The dream entailed her husband and herself noticing their car on the street (a very, very nice light blue metallic car, not their real-life current car), whilst the wheels were stationary their car was moving, jolting somewhat restlessly. Teresa said to her husband to look at the car hoping he would go and check out what was happening - however, his hands were full and he was busy so she ran to the car. She got into the car and could see it was an automatic gear stick, she moved the stick into the 'F' position (she didn't know what F was until it began to move forward). The car proceeded to drive into the middle of the city centre and right into a pedestrian area.

Teresa says:

So what actually happened? I ended up driving into the city with Joseph. My husband stayed at home because he was unable to come - his hands were full (looking after our new puppy). It was only when we had set up all the posters and we were standing in the town that I recalled we were standing in EXACTLY the same spot I dreamt I had driven to. I have been blessed with previous dreams which have guided me and warned me at times - that is why I initially asked God to guide me by giving me a dream. Actually, I recall that you said you had dreamt of me that very night too - WOW. We have an AMAZING GOD a God of Surprises.'

I thought it was interesting that Teresa should tell me of this today since at Mass today our priest was talking about Joseph from the Old Testament and his ability to interpret dreams.

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce

Birmingham, England