All of the handouts which elaborate on the content of the banners bear the imprimatur of Catholic Archbishop Cyril Bustros.

The handout has been designed to contain all key information shown on the banners. It is to be freely given to those who show an interest in the pull-up banners. The PDF download has been designed with minimum 5mm bleed (spacing). This allows a standard printer to print the document with an even border without adjustments.

Page 1

This page encapsulates banners which demonstrate the evidence for creation and the miracle of human life from conception Download handout

Page 2

This page encapsulates evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and for the universal motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary Download handout

In-depth Handouts

Here are a collection of more in depth handouts which may be useful in the apostolate. Each handout has two versions both versions are A4 landscape with two pages; a normal version which has normal page layout and a duplex print version which has a page layout for booklet formatting (useful for printers which can do duplex).

Eternal Life and Common Sense

Normal Version Duplex Version

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Normal Version Duplex Version

The Shroud of Turin

Normal Version Duplex Version

The Sacrament of Marriage (Marriage made in Heaven)

Normal Version Duplex Version

The Divine Liturgy

Normal Version Duplex Version