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All of the handouts which elaborate on the content of the banners bear the imprimatur of Catholic Archbishop Cyril Bustros.


The designs found on this page have been designed to fit standard pull up banner 850mm by 2000mm. For further clarity please see the illustrations below. The designs are ¼ the size of the pull ups, which is the quality required to produce a professional finish.

Instructions for printers

  1. Specify the dimensions to the printer 850mm by 2000mm. Ask the printer to provide you with a number of solutions regarding the pull up banner and stand (if you plan to use it in the outdoors, try to find an appropriate sturdy banner and a suitable stand).
  2. Confirm with the printer that graphics ¼ the size of the actual pull up banner is sufficient.
  3. Send the PDF link to the printer (in the event of downloading it - you would have to provide the pdf - between 100MB and 300MB to the printer by some medium like a memory stick or CD).
  4. If necessary request a proof of the banners on the material that would be used in the final product. This is will allow you to ascertain the quality and correctness of colour before you give the instruction to print. In the event that any of the banners seem the wrong colour ask the printer to tweak before doing the final prints.
  5. Give the instruction to print the banner.

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A set of 8 banners have been design for street Evangelisation projects. The aim has been to provoke discussion on various subjects surrounding God and science; including Creation, Evolution, Conception, The Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Lord.

If you have further suggestions for refinements on the current list of banners or for new banners which can be effective in this apostolate please Email us here




Left Banner: From Charles Darwin and Ernst Haeckel to Julian Huxley and Carl Sagan, evolutionists have claimed that the human embryo “recapitulates” her evolutionary history in the womb. This pull up exposes the failure of the evolutionary predictions and promotes the Christian doctrine that God created the different KINDS of creatures.

Right Banner:This banner uncovers the development of the human person in the womb at each stage. Through illustrations and text it provides insurmountable support to the banner on the left.




Left Banner: In 1531, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to an Indian convert named Juan Diego, dressed as an Aztec princess. She identified herself as the Mother of the true God and of the peoples of the Americas. Banner 3a introduces the supernatural story of Our Lady of Guadalupe this incredible event which has brought 8 million Native Americans to Christ in the Catholic Church

Right Banner: highlights some of the incredible properties of this miraculous image, which were meant for our age. These aspects could only be found using science and technology in the last century. However each aspect has mystical attributes which are simply unexplainable.




Left Banner: God promised to send a Messiah who would reconcile God and man. Over thousands of years, prophets predicted the life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah in detail. This banner establishes the mission and reality for Jesus Christ and the aspects of his Passion which are portrayed in the shroud of Turin.

Right Banner: pronounces Our Lord’s call to the Eternal Kingdom, that we are called to believe. It establishes that over 500 persons witnessed seeing Our Lord after his passion and resurrection who were in some cases martyred for their testimony.




Left Banner: The cells of all living things contain chemically-coded instructions that govern the construction of the proteins that make up the building blocks of the body. This banner provokes discussions centered in this code which in itself implicates a designer.

Right Banner:  There is no naturalistic mechanism that can produce the coded information in the “simplest” one-celled organism — this banner goes deeper into the facts of the DNA code – it calls into question the very foundation of the flawed evolutionary theory of how life first began.




Witnesses for Christ: Evangelizing the modern world, by using natural science and apologetics to draw all souls to Jesus through Mary in the Family of God.

"It is the hour of the laity" an archbishop told the plenary assembly of the Teresian Association in Spain a few years ago, and, according to Archbishop Julian Barrio of Compostela, it is already proverbial to say: "The new evangelization will be realized by the laity or it will not be realized..."


Our Mission


Today, Witnesses for Christ offers you an effective way to evangelize the modern world by using natural science and apologetics to draw souls to Jesus through Mary in the Family of God.

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The outreach programme have taken place in a number of places including London, Birmingham, Kent and Ukraine.

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Read some of the testimonies from street evangelists who have utilised our material to aid them in their encounter with the people in today's culture. 

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